one day I will bring you here
sails and you and me away
to a triangle island where
auklets emerge
in the night
sea lions sound
into the fog to say
you and I will never leave
what lasts

we will circle the summit until salt
wears away at the hull of our boat
at the cities we wear like skin

until we are once again wild
as the silver-bellied sand lance
feeding a world that will forever feed us back


sipping on nectar

sweet end of snow

with more than my share
of slow-loving darkness

i leave you

forward now
with thawing clocks abandoned
in the gardens, stretch me into timelessness
pull me from my muck-sunken boots
so i may fly barefooted
into the hearts of honeysuckle

this is the state of my spring-time becoming
petals opening to expansion
happy pollen
free-falling from hummingbird wings

lucky me

sweet first of april
with more sunlight than i
remember how to be with
i love you


the earth knows how to love herself

The Earth Knows How to Love Herself is a collection that connects over twenty of my poems + photos + watercolour paintings
under the shared understanding that the earth has been my greatest teacher when learning to have compassion for myself.
If you are interested in featuring this collection in your gallery, home, workplace, or otherwise, please reach out!



My wish is for this poetry to connect you to the wild places that feed our souls, enough so that you feel a pull to keep them safe.

My Instagram account featured above is a good place to see how my words are always in conversation with my photography, paintings, and films.
I dive so deeply into my experiences that the learnings call to be expressed through every way I know how.

This page is a small glimpse into where words are taking me these days. I have written short fiction, volumes of poetry, grant applications, photo stories, fundraising letters, business proposals, love notes, articles, emails, and half of a musical. Pair all that with my degree in English and Creative Writing? I see the world as a string of stories.

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