I raise the viewfinder to one eye and squint the other. The world pulls slowly into focus. Everything that could possibly matter in a moment rushes up to greet me. Light. Trust. Expression. Gesture. All congregating inside a single frame.

Capturing awe with a mirror in my hands is magic. I know it. And what could be more awe-inspiring than the massively fragile, beautifully fierce nature that always manages to bring us to our knees? It is humbling to preserve a smile, a bird in flight, a raindrop, knowing how fleeting each moment is. At the heart of this, is the reality that this same awe is pulling away from our cursory grip. In order to rewire our brains and our habits, we have to find our way back to the awe-inspiring. Photography has the power to make that connection. It is urgent. Immediate. Real. And with the right story in the right hands, can effect positive change.

That last bit is what I gravitate towards.

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