When a community of people who love the ocean get together to stand up for our values and home, magic happens. Thank you to the 100+ west coasters who came out, braved the rain, and showed us your water love standing with us on the National Day of Climate Action. The Kinder Morgan pipeline will not be built because of people like you.

Please sign the pledge to protect this coast at www.coastprotectors.ca !

Film by: Sam Rose Phillips
Aerials by: Adam Chilton + Atleo River Air Service
Additional footage by: Lilly Woodbury + Spencer Binda
Music by: Buckman Coe

In June, Clayoquot Sound was faced with a toxic algal bloom. These are made much worse by nutrient loading from salmon farm sewage. It’s time to remove salmon farms from the coastal waters of British Columbia. You can help! Please send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today. http://clayoquotaction.org/letter/get-salmon-farms-out/

Edited by:  Sam Rose Phillips
Filmed by:  April Bencze, Gary Haggquist, Sam Rose Phillips, Tavish Campbell, Tofino Photography, Wild Canada

On Wednesday, July 22nd, transient orca T069A2 was found stranded on the rocks in Squally Channel, British Columbia. While I was on assignment with Cetacea Lab, the team went out to see if they could rescue her. The footage gathered at the scene was so rare that the story went viral in hours.

To ensure that Cetacea Lab was able to tell their own story in their own words, I put this video together in five hours. It was posted the next morning, boasting over 244,000 views and counting. Timing is everything.

Film by:  Sam Rose Phillips
Orca Footage by:  Cetacea Lab

Behind the Scenes video of the 2017 Kamloops Fire Fighters Calendar. Stories come in all shapes and sizes, and though a large majority of the ones I tell have a certain natural element, I couldn't resist helping the Kamloops Fire Fighters Charitable Society tell the story of their 2017 Calendar.

Film by: Sam Rose Phillips

Sun Country Highway is providing free electric vehicle charging stations from coast to coast in Canada. This video uses a road trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls in order to inspire adventure in viewers and a transition to renewable energy in Canadians.

Written & Directed by:  Sam Rose Phillips
Edited by:  Mat Wilder
Filmed by:  Diana Troya & Jessica Gordon

Waterlution's Great Waters Challenge is an online participative game for Canadian youth to uncover water stories in their communities and share with a broader audience. The Great Waters Challenge is designed to showcase the deep connection that lies between our water and our identity as Canadians—from indigenous traditional knowledge to western practices.

Throughout the game, we will look for ways to celebrate our great waters leading up to Canada’s 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017. By discovering many stories about our water’s past, we can better understand how it will influence our future.

Created by: Now Creative Group
Written by: Sam Rose Phillips

The making and the viewing of a photograph is in an instant. It stuns you, and when it has gone from view, it's etched in your mind. It stays there. A moment is frozen so we can pause and reflect.

Film, the moving image, moves with you. Your emotions evolve, your impressions develop and grow. It's alive and breathing and immersive. The sound of the water plants you into the ocean. Music guides your mood. The characters become companions. It all works to take you on a journey. To communicate to you through a story.

Today, video and multimedia are incredibly valuable tools for brands to develop relationships with their audiences. Especially for non-profits and NGOs. Even more than your corporate counterparts, part of your mission is to gather support for your cause. Connecting people to your purpose. Making your story a part of their story.

Feeling is a universal language. And at the end of the day, it is the driving force behind my multimedia projects. Through a memorable film, I will tell your story with two inherent goals: connection, and inspiring action.

Want to find out how I can help you tell your story through video?